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Tannoy Mercury V4 floorstanding speakers review

Due to the very nature of their size, floorstanding speakers are always going to have much more impact over their stand-mounted and bookshelf counterparts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be music to your ears. More often than not, what you get in potential volume and power handling you lose in audio ability. That is, until you start parting with serious amounts of cash – cash many of us would love to spend on the very best hi-fi components but are unable to.

Fortunately, those of us who find the allure of floorstanders too difficult to ignore and aren’t about to cough up at least a grand need not give up hope, Tannoy has come up trumps with its Mercury V4 beauties.

Tannoy Mercury V4: First impressions

Encased in either a Dark Oak or the lighter Maple Sugar (photographs are of the former), the Mercury V4s are distinctly slender but their impressive height ensures they don’t sit quietly in the background. In fact, the reserved styling gives the impression of excellence, and this extends into the build quality. Make no mistake, the finish is of the highest standard, whether it’s the connectors on the back, the sturdy wooden casing or the tweeter.

Taking off the grills reveals two 15cm paper cone mid-bass drivers above and below a 25mm woven polyester dome tweeter. At the back is a bass port for pushing out the lows, which means they do require a little space to breathe unlike front-ported counterparts – I would recommend over 20cm from a wall but experiment. A shiny metallic Tannoy badge completes understated but undeniably attractive styling. I must admit, even before hearing them you get the feeling the Mercury V4s are going to sound good. As luck would have it, that’s exactly what they did.

Test equipment

  • HiFi speakers: Tannoy Mercury V4 floorstanders – £340
  • Amplifier: Yamaha AS-500 – £300
  • RCA-to-RCA connector: Cambridge Audio 500 series – £29.95
  • Speaker cable: QED Micro
  • Music player: MediaMonkey
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  • Mr. X

    Love my Mercury V4s! I have them matched with a set of Mercury VRs, and all 4 speakers together make an amazing, rich stereo sound in my living room. Will be enjoying these for many more years to come.