WordPress SEO 1.2.8 fatal error solved

It’s amazing how fragile a website is. One minute it’s working away like a finely tuned machine. The next, it’s broken down, waiting for assistance on the hard-shoulder of the internet highway.

Installing an update to WordPress SEO version 1.2.8 was one such trigger that stopped License to Quill from working at all. Fortunately, I found a way to solve it.

A couple of forum-goers at the WordPress support forum discovered the Fatal Error you get from updating to version 1.2.8 is all down to one rogue letter in the code.

Symptoms of WordPress SEO 1.2.8 fatal error

In my case, the update couldn’t reactivate, I saw the “Fatal Error” warning followed by the location and then I couldn’t get onto the WP-Admin side of my website. License To Quill itself worked fine but I was unable to access the WordPress CMS.

How to solve it?

Apparently you can delete the plugin itself on the FTP side of things under wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo and all will be fine. But this may prove to be a pain if you had specific settings and the plugin may have to go through all your posts again, with your assistance. Worse still,  you may need to re-enter a load of SEO fields.

There is an alternative. Under the FTP client of your website, point your mouse in the direction of wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/admin/class-admin.php. In here, on line 441 of the code is a rogue “S”. So the correct bit of code should read:

update_option() not update_options()

Once you’ve made the small change, save and voila. All should be right as rain. If you aren’t sure how to bring up code numbers, on HostGator there is an option at the top. With other providers, you’ll have to look yourself or use CTRL+F and search update_options to find it. Check there aren’t multiple entries before making a change.

Update: Anyone who hasn’t yet updated WordPress SEO can jump straight to version, which removes the rogue ‘S’ without any FTP client faffing.