We mean business cards

From the outside, it seems like making a business card is just a case of squeezing your details onto a lifeless piece of paper. And, of course, the details are essential. But there’s a lot more to it than just churning out any piece of dog-eared rubbish.

For one thing, first impressions are key and if you hand a potential customer something that looks like it was designed in the 1980s, it won’t inspire confidence. Unless you own an 80s club, that is. While your business might not be design-oriented, aesthetics are incredibly important no matter whether you’re a builder or copywriter.

If anything, a well-designed business card helps you stick in the mind and it says something positive about you. The former point is especially important because a potential client may have to sift through lots of business cards – not just yours – before deciding who to contact. While a boring design will be ignored, something a bit clever will stand out and may just secure you the business.

Knowing the importance of a business card for my own business, I decided to look at 25 business card designs on the internet for inspiration, which I blogged about here. Hopefully you’ll find something in there you can use for your own designs.