Halo: Minecraft Evolved Mash Up screenshot of Master Chief © 2014 . All rights reserved.

Halo: Minecraft Evolved trailer is a bit awesome

Halo and Minecraft may seem an unlikely duo, but it’s now a thing. Halo: Minecraft Evolved is coming to an Xbox 360 near you – and you can check it out in all of its blocky glory below.

Halo: Minecraft Evolved includes a new custom texture pack, 31 Halo music tracks, new craftable items, 40 characters such as the legendary Master Chief and a few recognisable maps from the series including Blood Gulch.

Just the sound of the original Halo: Combat Evolved soundtrack has many fond memories flooding back. What a fine shooter it was. Combining it with the addictive Minecraft build-’em-up gameplay seems like a win win situation.

The update will go live tomorrow (28th of May 2014). Xbox One users will have to wait for Minecraft to arrive in August before getting their plasma sword fix.

Check out the Halo Mash Up: Minecraft Evolved trailer below and have US$3.99 at the ready (about three English pounds, UK readers). Then set aside a few hours to get stuck in. Cortana, out.

Halo: Minecraft Evolved trailer