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Mini Superlegerra Vision concept in pictures

Sometimes it’s better to let the pictures do the talking, especially in the case of the Mini Superlegerra Vision concept. In black and white this magnificent roadster really does look the part. The pictures only tell half the story, though. Here are the facts.

What is the Mini Superlegerra Vision?

The Mini Superlegerra is an open-top, two-seater roadster built with British and Italian design coming together as one. It was built as a joint project between BMW (creator of the new Mini) and Milanese company Touring Superlegerra, hence the name Mini Superlegerra. There is only one car in existence and you are looking at it.

To quote the marketing spiel, this one-of-a-kind is an, “elaborately crafted, unique model which blends the tradition of classic coachwork construction with the MINI’s authentic British styling to create timeless aesthetic appeal”.

Mini Superlegerra Vision concept picture by BMW

What’s so special about this particular concept?

A number of things, actually, chief of which is how beautiful it looks. The body is comprised aluminium panels that are hand-beaten into shape, while the dashboard is yet another single piece of aluminium. Expensive, lightweight carbon fibre-reinforced polymer is used on the sills and diffuser to save weight.

The front end has circular headlights and a hexagonal grille, both of which are inherited from the latest Mini. Unlike its spiritual successor, however, it has a stretched bonnet and long wheelbase to give it a more sporty stance. Squint a bit and it looks like a mini Jaguar F-Type from a few angles.

At the back are Union Jack-shaped headlights. Inside you get a stylish mix of dark brown leather, bucket seats, aluminium surfaces and black chrome. Technology comes in the form of a digital gauge, centrally-located display and a camera for taking selfies (photos of yourself, less internet-savvy readers).

Mini Superlegerra Vision concept back

What’s under the hood?

BMW is keeping quiet on the exact details apart from the fact it uses an all-electric powertrain. No typical petrol or diesel engine here to damage the atmosphere. A few sources believe the Mini Superlegerra will use the Mini E powertrain, which is capable of 95mph and a range of 120 miles before running out of juice.

Mini Superlegerra Vision concept from above

Why do I recognise the name Touring Superlegerra?

Petrolheads may be familiar with the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante, another one-of-a-kind project between Alfa Romeo and Touring Superlegerra. The Disco Volante used the 8C Competizione as a basis. Like the Mini, it has looks that could kill.

Mini Superlegerra Vision concept cockpit picture

So can I buy the Mini Superlegerra Vision?

The only way you can own this car is if you prize it from BMW’s cold, dead fingers. It is a concept and that means it’s not for sale. Before you reach for your hanky to wipe away the tears, there are rumours doing the rounds that suggest Mini could be about to release a sports car.

Rumours sometimes have a nasty habit of coming undone, but we hope there is an ounce of truth in there somewhere. Because this is probably the prettiest car we’ve seen in a while. It’s compact, potentially eco-friendly and remarkably pretty. The perfect motor for a summer’s day, then.

Just hope it doesn’t rain as, by the looks of things, the roof is non-existent.

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