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Pokemon Go: Tips and tricks to level up faster and catch ’em all

How do you level up faster in Pokemon Go? Are there ways to improve my chances of catching a Pokémon? License to Quill wanders around aimlessly in his local area to find out.

Pokémon fever is back and, like before with the classic GameBoy games, it is taking over. People are actually actively exercising just to catch ’em all and levelling up a team to hold their local gym. It is not even officially out in the UK and already people are

How to download Pokemon Go on Android?

Regardless of the country you live in, you can download Pokémon Go and play it before it is officially released. First, head to the APK Mirror website and download the game from the Android smartphone you wish to install the game on. The file is 58.06MB but you will need more storage to actually install it so free up space on your phone or SD card if need be. Your Android phone must be running Android 4.4 or later for Pokémon Go to work.

Once downloaded, run the installation process. While that is working away, go into your Android phone’s settings and look for ‘Security’. Under this, select ‘Unknown Sources’ and switch this setting to on. Now all you have to do is wait for the game to finish installing and run it.

What next?

Now you can play the game, providing you have a WiFi or data connection and GPS enabled as both are required. Your first port of call will be coming up with a name for your budding Pokémon master, then choose between variations of three different costumes and either a male or female avatar.

Can I reduce my data usage in Pokemon Go?

A little trick has been doing rounds that says you can download offline Google Maps for your area and in doing so it means Pokémon Go can operate without using the online ones. Sadly it seems this has been debunked because Pokémon Go is unable to access offline maps, so unfortunately the only way to use less data is to play the game for less of the time.

Pokemon Go uses a lot of battery, what can I do?

You can enable the Battery Saver option within Pokémon Go under settings and flip your device upside so the screen is down. This blacks the screen out so less power is used to run the graphics. Sadly this is the only option as locking the screen stops Pokémon Go from working.

You could try a physical battery pack or one of those mobile chargers and carry it with you if really desperate or reduce the brightness of your display. But for now, that’s it.

How do I level-up fast in Pokemon Go?

The simplest trick but one that becomes less effective is to catch new Pokémon. Re-catching existing Pokémon gives you a much smaller bonus.

Evolving a Pokémon is another great way to rapidly increase your experience in Pokémon Go, mainly because it gives you a healthy 500xp each time, but also because it requires only Candy, which later in the game is easier to come by than Stardust.

Then there’s the Lucky Egg, which doubles your experience for 30 minutes. You get one at level 9 apparently, but those who invest real money to buy Gold Coins can purchase them in batches of one for 80, eight for 500 or 25 for 1,250.

When is best to use a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go?

Using a Lucky Egg is always going to be beneficial in Pokémon Go but you are best holding onto them until you have a lot of basic Pokémon like Weedles and and Pidgeys. Catch 13 each of them and then save up 144 of their respective candies (this is done by catching lots of Weedles and Pidgeys so it’s nice and easy).

Basically, each evolve for a Pidgey or Weedle requires 12 candies. So you want to have 12 candies for each Pidgey or Weedle, if that makes sense?

Once you have a lot of both Pokémon and the necessary amount of candies to evolve them all, get a Lucky Egg going. Now you will get 1,000 XP per evolve so doing this for 10 Pidgeys will give you 10,000 XP. Supposedly you can evolve 60 Pokémon in the half an hour a Lucky Egg lasts, so there’s no harm in really amassing an army of Pidgeys and Weedles and all the bits to turbocharge your XP gains.

To really eke out your Lucky Egg, consider dropping a Lure or Incense and do some Pokémon catching at the same time. Then see what other Pokémon can be evolved to the first evolution.

What about the special throw?

You can also use a special throw to catch Pokémon. Hold down your finger on a Poké Ball when in a battle and you will see you hold the throw. Now spin your finger and the Poké Ball starts to glow. Catch a Pokémon using this and you get a slight experience bonus. You can just hold down and watch the capture circle get smaller, again landing you a small experience bonus if you can nab a Pokémon this way.

Should I save my Stardust in Pokemon Go?

Yes, yes, yes. It can be tempting to level up a Pokémon early in the game but this eats into your Stardust and is really wasteful. As you level up (particularly beyond level 20), Pokémon become generally have higher CP and therefore become harder to catch, meaning you use more Poké Balls.

Unless you have a lot of Pokéstop’s near you, you may start to run out of standard Poké Balls (and later Ultra Balls and Master Balls), which means either being patient and game progress slows down because you can catch fewer Pokémon per day or spending real money on Gold Coins to restock. Either way, it’s going to make collecting Stardust more difficult, which means it is harder to level-up your squad.

So your best bet is to save Stardust until later on and use it to level up a valuable, high CP Pokémon. This is especially good advice because of the ways gyms work. It is possible for a set of six relatively unskilled Pokémon to whittle away at a gym leader so levelling is less important early on.

Evolve or power-up first?

Stardust is rare so that’s one big reason for evolving first. But more important is the fact evolving gives you a nice experience boost and drastically boosts the CP of a Pokémon, making it more effective in gym battles. In addition, as your player level increases, so does the potential CP level (as indicated by the half circle when you look at a Pokémon) so it makes even more sense to be patient until around level 20, where levelling progress really starts to slow down.

Fastest way to hatch eggs?

It is currently unclear how fast you can go before the distance counter in Pokemon Go is disabled (presumably to discourage people from driving and cycling fast, which would prove unsafe). It seems to be around 13mph.

This means you can go for a jog while holding your phone to hatch those 2km, 5km and 10km eggs to save time. Another trick is to leave your phone on all the time as small geo-location adjustments cause your Pokemon character to move, which contributes towards the total. We have seen as much as 2km in one day without actually moving the phone anywhere. Your results may vary, of course, depending on network and data coverage.

Be sure to Bookmark this Pokémon Go guide as I will be updating it every time I find a new tip and trick, including specifics on fighting in Gym battles. Thanks for reading and be sure to comment if you have any tips I am unaware of!