How does License to Quill rate its reviews?

License to Quill judges a product based on the threat it poses on your bank account. The more deadly a product is, the more likely you are to buy it.

License to Quill reviews

Threat level: Deadly (5 stars)

It’s game over for your bank balance, my friend. This is the crème de la crème; the golden child; the product by which others are compared. Treat anything with this rating with the utmost care as it will take a miracle for you to avoid buying it.

Threat level: Extreme caution (4 stars)

A run-in with a product of this calibre may not be enough to instantly relieve you of your hard-earned, but you should still exercise extreme caution. These are great products that get the job done with ruthless efficiency.

Threat level: Dangerous (3 stars)

Although average, there’s still a danger you may base a buying decision on one of its strengths. You won’t regret it either, unless you expect the very best.

Threat level: Threatening (2 stars)

It may not be the best product but keep your distance. There’s probably going to be something of merit that can get its hooks into you. Best to make some effort and look elsewhere before getting too attached, though.

Threat level: Harmless (1 star)

This is something that would struggle to punch its way out of a wet paper bag. You are, in fact, more likely to win the lottery than enjoy a product bearing the ‘Harmless’ rating. Unless you like being miserable.